Our materials and technology

It’s no surprise that Cats Castles UV coated plywood panels to be the best. You can see it all the way through. UV coated plywood is a beautiful, finished hardwood plywood panels featuring a clear, durable topcoat.

This versatile modified acrylate finish is tough, resisting scrapes, chips and the effects of solvent wipe down. UV coated panels are the perfect component for a beautiful “real wood” cat castles interior and exterior that’s tough enough to handle everyday wear. It’s clearly a superior product.

Features and Benefits

  • Beautiful, durable finish resists scratches and chips.
  • Finished surface reduces labor time and cost, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced sanding technology for a smoother, more beautiful appearance.
  • Real wood alternative to melamine box interiors or those using low basis weight papers.
  • Overspray can be easily wiped up with acetone.
  • UV Wood panels are balanced and will stay flatter than a melamine one-side panel.
  • UV finished surface reduces VOC emissions


a. Cotton fabric of various colors and patterns with similar characteristics.

Country of origin Poland
Specification For home and needlework
Specification of fabric For bed linen
Type of raw material Natural
Type of natural fabric Vegetable origin
Fabric Cotton sheeting
Content 100% cotton
Color Pink
Finishing of cloth Print
Prints and patterns Drawing
Theme of drawing Hearts
Density 120 gr/m2
Width of fabric 1600 мм
Porosity Yes
Give Low
Shrinkage Insignificant shrinkage

150 gr/m2 polyester batting (polyester batting is a hypoallergic material as feather mites and pathogenic bacteria are unable to live and develop in an artificial filling material. The advantages of polyester batting include softness, fast recoverability of cloths after being crushed and shape retention. Such properties of polyester batting as being a good heat keeping material, high tear strength and little weight are not less important. The given material is safe for a human body, it does not emit dust and does not cause allergy.) [G1] [G2]

b. Sewing thread 40/2, 1000 yards of different shades